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Are you wondering, "Am I at risk of flooding?" or just interested to check flood risks for your property? We can give you advice on flood insurance, getting your elevation certificates, and walk you through possible floodplain removal. 

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you as we have for the following property owners!

Melissa Rusch Ortegas

Words can not describe how GRATEFUL I am for Rod. When we bought our house almost 9 years ago we were told we would have to carry flood insurance but it was "no big deal" The policy was only $600 per year. We thought it would be fine. After all, it was a dry creek bed that was off to the side of our house. As time passed, our policy began to increase. We had no idea why and could never get an answer from anyone. Then que the flooding that happend in Georgia several years ago and our policy skyrocketed to over $3000 per year. This increased our mortgage by over $300 per month. We were stressed out, upset, and overall frustrated. We were told that there was nothing we could do. (Please know that a claim has NEVER been made at our property.)   Here comes Rod Hall! This man KNOWS his stuff and has the patience of Job. Rod spent hours upon hours talking with me, underwriters, the surveyor,the city and who knows who else to help us.   Yesterday Rod calls with the CONFIRMATION that all of his hard work paid off and our policy has now dropped down to $1000 per year thus saving us thousands per year.   We have been dealing with this for years and Rod was able and willing to do what no one else could or even knew how!! So grateful. So very grateful!!

Jeff Carpenter

Friends, family, neighbors; Please read all of this, Its going to be sort of lengthy, but trust me, you want to read this as it contains information that could save you untold $$$$'s- Ok, so that got your attention. My story starts way back in April o this year, when I purchased a home through Navy Federal. This is when I was introduced to FEMA and "Special Hazard Flood Zones" and its sweetheart, "Specail Flood Insurance". 

Before April, I knew nothing of theses slogans, and, had it not been for a man I've never met- with nothing to gain but ..... well, nothing. He saw a wrong, and took it upon himself to wright it. I could really bore you all with very specific details, and those close to me have heard me wine and moan about haveing to get insurance I obviusly will never use. This insurabnce requirement doubled my mortgage, just started remember, with 15 years left; I hired surveyors (Grace Land 

 Surveyors-in atlanta- He is a true credit to his profession as well) to show how impossible, ok, unlikely, a flood event actually is. We sent form after form, submitting three seperate request for map updates, removal request from erronius zones; finally, itappeared these efforts would render the same results if they where submitted to Sesema Street. With a 50% increase in my mortgage- who plans for that?- all looked quite bleak and, honestly, I was simply waiting for all resources to dry up,

and it seemed forecloser was inevitable. Then, for lack of better explanation, God stepped in through someone who even now, does not realize he'd been Gods tool. This mans name, you guessed it- Mr. ROD HALL. With just his phone involvement- remember, he has never seen me, met me, or spoke a word to me - then , BAM "Hey is this Jeff Carpenter?" yes it is, can I help you.....As I write this its still hard to put my head around.....Rod maid I think two calls- ONE OF THOSE TO ME- Well, here's the

end result: I got a refund of $2883, my mortgage is back to what it was, and my insurace premium went from $3200+ annually to------READY? $407 ANNUALLY! Wait, there's more! HE EVEN GOT ME BETTER COVERAGE! Are you freakin kidding me? Rod, and I can't say this enough or loud enough, but you sir, where just used as Gods own angle. And jsut because, people. I know where Im going when this policy expires. Not just a real FLOOD INSURACE PROFESSIONAL, but truelyyou r best neighbor you need not even

meet. Please contact me through facebook if you have questions, doubts or what ever. I know a miracle when it pookes me in the eye. To close, I'm doing a spell check, but its acting strange, so if I post the unedited version, you still see the message. THANKS ROD, THATS ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT THAT....THANK YOU GOD, I NEVER HAD A DOUBT, VERY, VERY LITTLE, but no more...........WOW

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