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Hall Flood Plain Services, LLC (HFPS) works hand in hand with HFPS Agency, LLC to make sure that you receive the best prices available for your flood insurance. Our knowledgeable team can determine if you qualify for reduced prices that other companies aren't researching. We are currently licensed in the states of Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida to sell flood insurance. All other states will be considered, and we will continue to expand our domain. We help save money for home owners just like you every day, and we hope you give us the opportunity to work with you!

Services we provide

Flood Insurance

We sell exclusively flood insurance, and we use our mapping skills and over 15 years experience selling flood insurance to determine solutions best able to provide long term price reductions. We work with the national flood insurance program (NFIP) to help figure the cost of flood insurance for your property, and get you the lowest flood insurance rates! 

Hazard Mitigation

Methods in which we determine will reduce the cost of flood insurance, can include: retrofitting elevated floors, crawl spaces, basements, sub-grade crawlspaces, as well as guidance and/or accomplishment of any LOMA applications (including but not limited to e-LOMA, "Out as Shown" (OAS) LOMA, and mail), flood plain dispute resolutions, and grandfathering options.

Things to think about!

"Pre-firmed subsidized" Policy

This is the highest priced and most used option by insurance agents that don't have knowledge of other more favorable options.

Crawl Spaces

Depending on how this space is built, it can drastically change the price of your flood insurance.

Unfinished Basement

This term is confusing because it is not used the same way as FEMA, and can be the cause of higher priced insurance.

Not in a flood zone previously, but now you are?

Many have recently been told they are in a flood plain, and previously were not. You will be told you will need an elevation certificate, and you may be eligible for a newly mapped option which doesn't require one.

Unnumbered A Zones

These can present one of the highest prices for flood insurance, because they don't have a base flood elevation. Can your property be removed?

Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

It is FEMA's official document that removes a structure from the flood plain. We can determine your eligibility for removal from the flood plain and apply for the application for you.

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