Own a Home?

In some cases we can help remove a house from a flood zone. Thus, saving home owners hundreds to thousands each year.

Selling a House?

We can help ensure the house's elevation certificate and FEMA flood zone maps are correct, which could mean the difference between selling quickly, or having to wait months or  over a year as well as diminishing your asking price and increasing the flood insurance rates for the property.

Buying a House?

Don't get stuck with a "lemon." Some homes may be at risk to have flood insurance and/or remodeling done to bring the house up to community standards. Ask us if a house you are inquiring about might be at risk.

Determination Services

Flood Risk Analysis

This will assess if the house is in a flood zone through research, as well as, possible solutions to be taken out. For sellers: this can help to market the home better. For Buyers: this will establish how much money will be needed for insurance.

Prior Losses

We can investigate for at least a 10 year history via the community and FEMA to assess previous losses and to determine cost of insurance.

Prior Improvements

The property may have been improved or damaged previously, and this may cost a new owner more money in the long run due to a lack of permitting approval.

Substantial Changes

These, damages or improvements whether previous or future, must meet community and FEMA regulations or codes before initiating a change. Which can include cosmetic changes.

Floodway Risk

The floodway is the center part of a flood plain and can have a drastic impact on your flood insurance and the capability of rebuliding a structure.

Flood Plain Determinations

We can determine with greater accuracy whether the structure is in or out of a flood plain. In some cases an elevation certificate will be required.

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