Preliminary & Effective Maps

Not sure if you are in a flood zone or about to be?


 Maps change about once every 4 years. Changes are being made this year to properties all over Georgia as you are reading this. This is the time to take action. If you were not in a floodplain, and there is a preliminary flood plain map that has added you, then you could potentially save yourself thousands by being proactive about your Flood Insurance. We can help you determine the risks of your property and how to save the most on your premiums with the different options available to your building prior to the Effective date of the flood maps. 

Preliminary Example


 The picture above demonstrates what the preliminary maps look like. This is a snapshot taken of an area in Georgia where we can see at least 3 houses that didn't have to worry about flood insurance last year, but are projected to be put on the Effective map in the future. The light Red area are portions being added to the flood plain, and the light Green area are portions being reduced in the Flood Plain. 

Effective Map Example


The picture above is what the Flood maps that are considered Effective look like.

Discover if you are in Prelim

Visit the Georgia DFIRM site


Follow this Link, to the Georgia DFIRM website. Push Accept to begin.

Choose the Preliminary


Before you type in your address make sure you have selected the Preliminary Flood Zone tab.

Pick Zoom to Point


Once you have typed in your address in the box to the left, a screen will pop up as shown above. Click Zoom to Point.

Street or Aerial?


Once you have zoomed in you can choose to view things from the default Street view,or what we prefer, the aerial view. This allows you to see your building and how the changes affect you.

Aerial View


This is an aerial view of a property that will be taking on some changes to their flood zone. There is both reduction and addition to this area. 

Now what?


You now know whether you are in or out of a flood zone, now what? We can help you determine the best solution. We offer technical and engineering advice that other insurance agents aren't able to provide. Contact us now, so, we can go through all of your options available.


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