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Who We Are to the Core

We are a family run business, that originated with our founder Rod Hall CFM. It now involves 4 family members, all working towards expanding their Flood Insurance & Floodplain knowledge. We currently have 2 insurance agents, one of which is a Certified Floodplain Manager. 

We are driven to  provide consumers a knowledgeable source for solutions to lower their price for flood insurance with FEMA approved options, and to provide flood plain mitigation consulting to consumers, community, and state officials. Hall Flood Plain Services, LLC (HFPS), works to prepare community outreach, CE training for Surveyors & State Floodplain officials, as well as training for realtor and mortgage companies.

Since our commencment in 2014, we have discovered situations that have not been addressed by FEMA. As a result, FEMA has adopted new rules that address the problems our company has discovered. For example, newly mapped eligibility, roll over procedures, and getting FEMA to allow us the ability to fix previous insurance agent error. 

How We Save You Money

FEMA allows consumers to recover over payment of premiums for material mistakes on consumer flood insurance policies for up to 5 years. 

This is where we come in. We have the knowledge to investigate and critique the quality of an elevation certificate to comply with the Community Rating System (CRS) Program applicable requirements. This allows us to help find lower costing flood insurance within your community. If we can research and acquire a lower costing    

premium, then you get a refund of the over-payment of up to 5 years.

Our Mission

To provide consumers advocacy and a knowledgeable source for solutions to lower their price for flood insurance with FEMA approved options, and to provide flood plain mitigation consulting to consumers, communities, and state & FEMA officials.

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Rod Hall CFM

The Start of it All

 Hall Flood Plain Services, LLC's  founder, Rod Hall, is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), Flood Insurance Specialist,  & Consumer Advocate for Flood Insurance. He has been offering personal and business insurance services since 1984. He was active as a financial adviser and sales manager with The Prudential for 19 years before aligning with AAA Autoclub. There he carried over his property and casualty knowledge providing his consulting skills to advise and substantially improve his client’s home, auto and other property and casualty risks. While at AAA Autoclub he became familiar with the need for flood insurance and became quite involved with finding ways to qualify his clients for lower premium options overlooked by most insurance agents.  His experience has helped garner lower prices for his clients insurance policies, saving them money each year!

HFPS Agency, LLC

  HFPS Agency, LLC was started by Rod 15 years ago. It has specialized in FEMA flood insurance regulations, and has helped its clients reduce the cost of their flood insurance by using all the options available for mitigating flood insurance premiums. These options are grandfathering, newly mapped options formerly the preferred rated policy option, the use of flood vents and applying for LOMA’s that officially remove a structure from the flood zone. Get a flood insurance quote today! 

Certified Floodplain Management (CFM)

Having a Certified Flood Plain Manager, we are available to consult in Flood Plain management where your community’s budget does not allow hiring an additional full time person. 


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